I'm Chris Wright, the founder, owner, and artist behind Hand Lettering Co. I love pens, pencils, paper, letters, numbers, and ampersands. Hand lettering has become one of the primary ways I express outwardly all that's going inside of my heart and mind.  And as much as I enjoy it, I find even more joy in being able to share it with others as it makes its way from my mind, onto paper, and into the hands of others. 

Hand Lettering Co. was born one Christmas when my wife and I didn't know what gifts to give to our family and friends. We wanted to keep it simple, but also to make it special. Combining this with my love for lettering, we began making framed prints of hand-lettered Scripture verses for everyone. He drew, she framed and packaged. This slowly but steadily turned into more drawing, more letters, more designing, more packaging, more sharing. New hand-lettered prints are now being added to the collection weekly and being shipped all over the world. 

This has also expanded into other crafts and designs, such as wood burning and engraving. We have fun seeing what new things we can make with these hands of ours.

Primarily, our desire is to share the many blessings we have received through Jesus Christ with others. We love having Scripture and reminders of truth throughout our home in an aesthetically pleasing way and our hope is to fill as many other homes as we can with the same.