Frontier Alliance International


Living in 2017 and the media-saturated culture that we now consider normal, we are surrounded by so much news and so many opinions, especially on the political front. It can be overwhelming and even discouraging at times.

However, just this past week, we found out about an organization that truly encouraged our hearts and gave us a fresh perspective on so many of today's political issues.

Frontier Alliance International's goal is to provide a faithful witness of Christ to the unchurched around the globe and a rich library of resources to those in the church.

After looking through the pages of their website as well as viewing some of their video resources, we seriously became so excited at the way they're honoring Jesus and the Gospel through the work they're doing on the front lines of the Middle East. At the same time, our faith was freshly stirred for how God is using Global crises to open wide the door for us, as His church, to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Be encouraged as you take a look at what FAI Mission is doing and join us and them in prayer for their ministry as well as the ministry that we are all called to as the people of God to share the love of Christ and His Gospel with those around us.