Here you'll find some of our favorite tools to use for the inking of a design. Of course everyone has their own favorites so we don't in any way claim that using the below tools is the only way to go. But click the links to read more info, check out reviews, and if you want, give them a try!



Sakura of America

Micron 8-Piece Pen Set

These are solid pens at a great price. They work well and I have found them to last for around 3 months with heavy use. They dry pretty fast and have an overall nice feel to them.

Staedtler Inc.

Staedtler Pigment Liner 6-Piece Set

I've found these pens to flow a bit quicker than others. This can be used to your advantage for pieces that require a lot of filling in. The plastic case it comes in makes it a good option when you're out and about.

Copic Marker

Copic Multiliner Inking 9-Piece Set

These pens are great. I've found them to dry faster than other pens which prevents smudges on your design. I don't like the feel of them quite as much, but the quality makes up for it.

Copic Marker

Copic SP Multiliner 10-Piece Set

My new favorite pens! These have an aluminum body giving them a nice weight. They also have replaceable nibs and are refillable. If you're wanting to invest into a nice set of pens, these are the ones I would suggest. 


Tombow Dual Brush Pen

This is a fun pen. It is also available in other colors besides black. It's nice having the option of a flexible brush on one side and a fine tip on the other.


Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

This refillable brush pen is great and its size makes it a little more convenient than the Tombow if you are on-the-go. 


borden and riley

Borden & Riley Translucent Visual Bond 11"x14"

This is basically a thicker tracing paper that takes ink very well. It's great for calligraphy/dip pens as well as other media. The bright white paper makes scanning your work a breeze.

Notions - In Network

Canson 9"x12" Tracing Paper

Recommended by Christopher Vinca, this tracing paper works great and is also available in a 14"x17" size for larger pieces. It's a great option for practicing or if you quickly go through a lot of paper.

Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co.,LTD

Huion Ultra-Thin Lightbox

I really like this lightbox. It's super thin and light and you can adjust the brightness. This thing makes inking your sketches a lot easier. One thing to note is that it does have a really short power cord, but that isn't anything an extension cord can't fix. It's available in different sizes as well.




Canon CanoScan LiDE110 Scanner

We got this scanner when I was first starting out with hand lettering and it still gets the job done. If you are doing a lot of scanning, you may want to consider a more expensive scanner that doesn't have a lip around the edge.


Niji Roll Multi-Purpose Pouch

This is just something handy to stay organized and to easily bring all of your tools when you're out drawing at the local coffee shop.