Tutorial Videos


HLCO Sessions: A step-by-step guide to hand lettering

A series of tutorial videos that give an in-depth look at my process from sketching to the finished piece and everything in between. The goal is to share the details of how I do what I do and to give insight into various tools and resources I've come to love in order to help the person who is already hand lettering or the one who would love to start but doesn't know where to begin.

Also included are free downloads of some of my very own custom vector textures and Photoshop actions (which are described in more detail within the videos). 




favorite Tools

We are often asked what tools we use in the design process. If you have been wondering the same thing, wonder no more. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite pencils, pens, erasers, books, and several other handy little things we have accumulated and found helpful along the way.  


other Resources


These are two of our favorite resources. Skillshare offers a wide variety of tutorials from industry professionals. These classes are incredibly beneficial as you can not only learn at your own pace, but you will also receive feedback from the instructors and your peers. And Creative Market is our go-to place for design assets such as textures, actions, and fonts.